Charles Dickens's England
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Thank goodness for Charles Dickens’s England. This combination of documentary and literary travelogue has no pretensions at all, merely a mad, endearing, Dickensian innocence.
Nigel Andrews London Financial Times

Engaging documentary….cracking pace….Derek Jacobi does an expert job in relating how Dickens stories exposed the iniquities and injustices of Victorian England.
David Parkinson BBC’s Radio Times

Decidedly charming documentary…..Derek Jacobi makes and eager and estimable companion. Empire Magazine

Derek Jacobi provides a charming companion to accompany us on a tour of the England associated with the people and places that inspired Charles Dickens's life and work.
Morning Star

The mix of trivia, anecdote and extract recalls the brand of infotainment pioneered by British Transport Films in the 1950s. Moreover, Derek Jacobi's endearingly bumbling enthusiasm more than atones for his awkwardness in bantering with the current (and often indifferent) occupiers of Dickens's various dwellings ……it's consistently enlightening and enjoyable.
Oxford Times


In CHARLES DICKENS’S ENGLAND, Derek Jacobi takes the viewer around the most important places, towns and cities that were the inspiration to some of the most famous settings in literature. The film features Cooling Church in Kent, used by the author in the opening chapter of Great Expectations; Miss Havisham ‘s house in Rochester; the almost forgotten London Roman Baths used by David Copperfield; Joe Gargey’s cottage in Chalk, the notorious Bowes Academy, the harshest of the Yorkshire schools and now known to the world as Dotheboys Hall. From Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight and then on to numerous London locations; from Chatham to Broadstairs; from Folkestone to Barnard Castle and then to St George’s Hall in Liverpool. Well over 100 locations are featured. Many of these, such as 58 Lincoln’s Inn Fields where Dickens first read in public, the All The Year Round offices in Covent Garden where he lived and worked and Gad’s Hill in Kent, the last in a very long list of his homes, are not open to the public and their interiors have rarely been filmed.

Film: 120 minute approximately
Certificate: Exempt
Extras: 170 minutes approximately

The DVD is available in PAL for all of Europe/ Australia/ New Zealand
And in NTSC for North America/ Japan
All the DVD’s are Region 0


The Making Of Documentary

Deleted Scenes:

Portsmouth Section
London Montage
Intro to Nicholas Nickleby
Rotting Hulks

Interview Sections:
Derek Jacobi Interview
Dr Florian Schweitzer Interview
Dr Tony Williams Interview
Thelma Grove Interview
Adrian Wootton on Dickens on film

Extended Interview Sections (from film):

Thelma Grove at the Leather Bottle
Dr Tony Williams at the George & Vulture
Dr Tony Williams at the Charles Dickens Museum
Lee Ault at the Albion Hotel, Broadstairs
Thelma Grove at Restoration House
Roy Hattersley at The Houses of Parliament

Derek Jacobi extra readings:
“Sketches by Boz”
“A Tale of Two Cities”
“The Uncommercial Traveller”
“A Dinner At Poplar Walk”
“Seven Dials”
“Bleak House”
“Oliver Twist”
“Nicholas Nickleby”