Charles Dickens's England



“Charles Dickens was a keen observer and loved to travel through England seeking out characters and places for his works. So it was something of a daunting task for producer David Nicholas Wilkinson to track down hundreds of locations for a film on the writers life. The off-shoot is an intriguing book….Superb photography by Russell Burden captures what remains of Dickens’s Victorian world – and there is a surprising amount.”
The Dalesman

“It took something of a radical visionary to document, through his novels, the life and times of ordinary, mid-19th century men, women and children.  Equally talented, early 21st century visionaries have captured, for the first time, the true essence of Charles Dickens' England, presenting, through print and picture, a veritable feast to be devoured, scoffed or savoured, according to taste.

In a sense, the book and film have been more than 150 years in the making.  Combined, they deliver a timeless, 'gold standard', Dickensian travelogue for generations to come.

It's very easy to read a book, look at pictures, watch a film and pass judgement without considering the sheer effort that so many people have put into the project.  To each and every one of them - well done.  Without YOU (and Charles Dickens of course) none of this could have happened.  Thank you.”
Trevor Willis Cineworld Unlimited member, Rochester

Thank goodness for Charles Dickens’s England. This combination of documentary and literary travelogue has no pretensions at all, merely a mad, endearing, Dickensian innocence.
Nigel Andrews London Financial Times

Engaging documentary….cracking pace….Derek Jacobi does an expert job in relating how Dickens stories exposed the iniquities and injustices of Victorian England.
David Parkinson BBC’s Radio Times

Decidedly charming documentary…..Derek Jacobi makes an eager and estimable companion.
Empire Magazine

Derek Jacobi provides a charming companion to accompany us on a tour of the England associated with the people and places that inspired Charles Dickens's life and work.
Morning Star

The mix of trivia, anecdote and extract recalls the brand of infotainment pioneered by British Transport Films in the 1950s. Moreover, Derek Jacobi's endearingly bumbling enthusiasm more than atones for his awkwardness in bantering with the current (and often indifferent) occupiers of Dickens's various dwellings ……it's consistently enlightening and enjoyable.
Oxford Times

I saw "Dickens's England" in July, 2009, when it was premiered at the British Film Institute. I was delighted with the film, since it gave me a look at many sites associated with Dickens which I have not yet had a chance to visit in person.  The photography in the film was beautiful, and Derek Jacobi's narration was well done.  He brought alive the passages from Dickens which he read in the film.  I hope that this film will be available for U.S. viewers soon." 
Susan Purkart,
Corresponding Secretary,
Greater Riverside Area Dickens Fellowship

The film is entertaining and informative, as well as being well planned and presented. Derek Jacobi is the ideal guide and reader.
Colin Benson
Rochester and Chatham Dickens Fellowship

LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT. Hope it has a large circulation as it deserves it.
Diana Wagner
Rochester & Chatham Branch
The Dickens International Fellowship

“It is well researched, uncovering little known facts and correcting some false ones. Derek Jacobi pulls the story together with true professionalism and gives the film the right amount of gravitas. This is a documentary that should appeal to all Dickens fans, and is a very good educational tool for use in schools and libraries. A very pleasant two hours.”
Councillor Susan Haydock

“Every Dickens fan will find much to enjoy, as the film is bursting with so many details and evokes such strong memories of all the Dickens classics, that you feel you have only recently read them. It will also appeal to those who may not be so familiar with his work as it shows of England splendidly especially our beloved Kent.”
Mrs Ann Dawson, Mayor of Sevenoaks.